Read Deuteronomy 8
Focus on verse 5-60B0135E6-20EF-4527-B13B-CFDECC90998C-5254-00000E6507F38546

When I was in elementary school the teachers had control of the classroom. I recall in second grade misbehaving once too often and I was sent to the principles office where I got my backside tanned with a chunk of leather reserved for exactly such an occasion. When I got home that day I did not realize that the principle had already informed my parents of the event, so when I was asked how school was I chose not Continue reading

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Read Deuteronomy 7
Focus on verses 12-13DF9A7AC1-872F-4319-8B96-6B6FF9FBE639-6197-0000150620ACD43D

If you drink a lot of alcohol, you will eventually become intoxicated. If you choose to drive in such a condition you will very likely be involved in a collision of some kind. Choices have consequences. We are free to make choices, but we are bound to the consequences that accompany the choices we make. In many cases we don’t get a do Continue reading

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Chronic Amnesia…

Read Deuteronomy 6
Focus on verse 12CD0B0577-5847-4D8A-B261-282BE51E87BD-5814-000013F961530F9B

Most people north of fifty years old will testify (if they are honest) to having at some point gone to get something from another room only to get to the other room and wonder what it was they came to get. This gradual onset of chronic amnesia could be signs of something more serious, such as dementia or Altzheimer’s disease, or it could be the natural process of aging. Most people experience this at some point in Continue reading

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Live Long and Prosper…

Read Deuteronomy 5
Focus on verse 339975C786-43A8-4A2A-A97C-D367A1A67A6F-5469-000012D8AA59E10E

I used to have a neighbor who was a vigilant about eating right and staying fit. As far as I know he ran a few miles several times a week, avoided processed foods, and did all the things the health and fitness people recommend. He died in his fifties of cancer. I also know another man who eats whatever he pleases, rarely exercises and lived to be well over ninety. This has reinforced in my mind the motto, “Eat right, Continue reading

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Read Deuteronomy 4
Focus v. 24815F6921-297B-4E75-B41B-EA4986FEDFD8-5157-000011B55C2F2391

In the culture I was raised, I was taught that jealousy not a good thing, that we should not be jealous of others or envy what they have. I have since learned that there is a place where jealousy is an appropriate response. In the human context, the closest thing to it might be the jealousy a husband or wife feels for the person they have committed their love and life to when that person appears to be giving to Continue reading

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One Big Dude!

Read Deuteronomy 3
Focus on verse 110CF781E1-5A27-40ED-81E0-1297F5C6B684-4886-000010E4808DCAD7

Andre the Giant was known around the world for his imposing size, and, I might add, his gentle spirit. I am not exactly short at six two, but I am quite certain I would feel like a shrimp next to him. People who are over-sized have certain advantages like reaching tall cupboards and painting ceilings, however, being oversized has some serious problems as well, like finding clothes that fit, riding in back seat of a compact car, or having to sleep diagonally on a king-sized bed.
In today’s reading the Israelites encounter a man who would have likely made Andre feel like a shrimp. King Og apparently slept on a bed that was 13.5 feet long and 6 feet wide suggesting that he was significantly larger than average. Big enough to be terrifying in full armor with his game face on.

For only Og the king of Bashan was left of the remnant of the Rephaim. Behold, his bed was a bed of iron. Is it not in Rabbah of the Ammonites? Nine cubits was its length, and four cubits its breadth, according to the common cubit. (v. 11)

Yet despite his great size and strength, King Og was no match for the God of Israel.
With God’s help the people struck down not only this over-sized king, but his entire army, and every man woman and child that were part of his kingdom. The point being – when God is for us – it does not matter how big the army is of those that are against us because God is bigger.
“Our God is greater,
our God is stronger,
our God is higher than any other”,
Our God is amazing beyond our ability to comprehend, an yet, amazingly He loves us and is interested in maintaining a relationship with us to the degree that He was willing to send His Son, Jesus to suffer and die, so that we might live and be free.

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IMG_3590Read Deuteronomy 2
Focus v. 25

About a week ago one of my sons was driving a friend home, and while he was waiting at a stop light, another driver did not see that they had stopped for the stop light and rear-ended my son and his friend. As a result it will be very likely that our car will be written off by the insurance company as a total loss. Some people might Continue reading

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