Cart before horse?

Read  1 Chronicles 14

Focus on verse 14


One of the huge differences between David and Saul, was that David was consistent in seeking God’s direction before he went into action. Saul tended to act first and then asked God to bless his action. David was far from perfect, but tended to follow the Lord when it was time to act, while Saul seemed to expect God to follow him as he acted. David inquired of the Lord and then obeyed the word that came back to him from the Lord. Very often by the time Saul was inquiring of the Lord, he had already acted and was in some sort of trouble that he was seeking the Lord to get him out of.

As I consider my own walk with the Lord, I have to confess that I have walked too often in the manner of Saul. Our quasi-Christian culture is one in which it is much to easy to justify our action as “righteous” without first seeking the Lord to determine what His plan for us might be. How much more successful I could have been had I chosen the course of David in those times, I will never know. What I can know is that as I proceed from here on The Lord will continue to give me the option to choose to seek Him before I act. I would like to believe that I am not too old to learn from my past errors.


About Dented-Knight

A knight with polished, shining, perfect armor is typically one with no battle experience. It is the knight in dented armor that knows what it costs to win.
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