Read Esther 5

Focus on verse 13

Cancer is a word we don’t like to hear. It reminds us of our mortality and can feel like a death sentence upon the person in whom it is found. Cancer is also often not detected until it is difficult to treat. The circumstance and genetic patterns that result in cancer being detected are often at work long before the diagnosis is official. Hatred is similar to cancer in some of these regards. It often lies undetected, hidden below the surface for years before it becomes obvious to others around that the host is suffering. By the time it begins to show, much internal damage has already been done.

Haman suffered from the cancer of hatred. He had so very much to be thankful for, yet none of it meant anything to him because of his hatred for Mordecai. Like cancer, this hatred led him down a path that prematurely took his life in the end.

Hatred will eat a person up from the inside out if one is unable to rid him or herself of it. There is only one cure that I am aware of that deals with it permanently and brings healing to the damage that it has done. That cure is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ, which results in the hatred being replaced with an unquenchable love for God and for people… even those who do us wrong, or who make it difficult for us to love them. God’s love in us is the only antidote that truly cures the cancer of hate.


About Dented-Knight

A knight with polished, shining, perfect armor is typically one with no battle experience. It is the knight in dented armor that knows what it costs to win.
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