Read Psalm 7

Focus on verse 14-16

A boomerang is a strange looking ancient weapon used by aboriginal people of Australia to hunt small animals. It is essentially an odd shaped flying wing that when thrown skillfully returns to the place from where it was launched. It is from this that the word boomerang has come to be used to describe a situation where a plot intended to hurt someone else comes back to hurt the one who cooked it up. We sometimes also call this “poetic justice”. The Psalmist explains that it is God who orchestrates these boomerang events in order to protect and bless those who trust and follow Him.

I find the picture that David uses when he writes the man who digs a pit and then falls into it a perfect analogy of those who plot evil against the people of God. Of course there are times when God seems to allow his people to suffer and even to be martyred. The obvious question would be why He does not intervene consistently? It would seem that the issue in this case is not so much the defense and prosperity of the righteous, as it is the consequence of those who plot evil. Evil tends to be vigilant in finding ways to destroy itself. There is a saying “there is no honor among thieves” suggesting that people whose moral compass allows them treat righteous people dishonorably will ultimately treat everyone dishonorably. Satan’s kingdom is ruled by lies, fear, and selfish pride. The only honor that exists in such a kingdom is the feigned honor that serves to gain or retain power.

By contrast, God’s kingdom is ruled by love, truth and selflessness. “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” The platoon leader who throws his body on top of a grenade to save the other men in his platoon demonstrates this love. The policemen and women who daily place their lives at risk to serve and protect demonstrate this love. Anyone who places him or herself in harms way to protect a person who is unable to protect him or herself demonstrates this love. Of course the greatest example of this love was the Lord Jesus himself when he allowed the people he came to save from themselves to put him to death on a cruel cross. He laid His life down so that we might have eternal life.

Satan thought he had won when Jesus died on the cross. When Jesus walked out of the tomb three days later, Satan realized he had thrown a boomerang that was coming back to crush his head.


About Dented-Knight

Peter Enns (aka - The Dented Knight) is a native of rural southern Manitoba, Canada. He is an ordained minister, the proprietor of LNE Web Services, father of four, grandfather of two, and life long husband of one. 
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