Powerful Voice…

Read Psalm 29

Focus on verse 4


George Whitfield apparently had a voice powerful enough to preach to a crowd of ten thousand in an open field without a microphone. Having spoken to a much smaller crowd – with the aid of a microphone – the prospect of what kind of powerful lungs and vocal chords it would take to be heard in a crowd like that without amplification is daunting.

Apparently the voice of the Lord makes George Whitfield’s preaching sound like a whisper.

The voice of the Lord is powerful;

The voice of the Lord is full of majesty. (v. 4)

His voice breaks cedar trees, shakes the wilderness and strips forests bare just to mention a few of the feats mentioned in this psalm. These are of course poetic idioms ascribing what we might call the power of nature; windstorms, lighting, thunder and such, to the voice of the Lord. While this is using poetic license, it is true that the Lord is ultimately in control of all these events of nature. It is God who directs and controls every aspect of what we in this age might call natural disasters. The fact that we now have a better understanding of how weather events come about does not in any way diminish God’s control of these events.

God can use a hurricane to speak to his creation. He can also use “a still small voice” as He did when Elijah sought Him on Mount Carmel. God has not changed. His voice has lost none of its power. He still sits enthroned as king forever. (v. 10)


About Dented-Knight

A knight with polished, shining, perfect armor is typically one with no battle experience. It is the knight in dented armor that knows what it costs to win.
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