The Day will come…

Read Psalm 68

Focus on verse 1


There is a scene in the final movie of Lord of the Rings trilogy where the hero Aragorn is leading a beleaguered yet determined army to the Gates of Mordor behind which the innumerable host of the enemy are gathered. As the gates open and they behold what appears to be insurmountable odds, Aragorn attempts to encourage the troops. As he rides across in front of his men he shouts; “The day will come when the age of men will come to an end, but today is not that day!”

The words of Psalm 68 are similar words of encouragement for those who trust and believe in the omnipotence of God. The day will come when God will arise, and his enemies will be scattered, and those who rebel against him will flee in terror…but today is not that day. While I look forward to the day when God will set things right, I am glad that today is not that day but not because I am not ready for it. No, I am glad that today is not that day because of all the people I am aware of who I hope and pray might yet repent of their rebellion toward God and open their hearts toward Him so that they might be included in the number of those who will sing His praises on that day, rather then to be among those who flee in terror.

It is only because God is great in mercy and grace that He is delaying the coming of that great and terrible Day when His enemies will be scattered. After that day it will be too late to change one’s mind. He does not force us to repent; he leaves the choice in our control. If you have not yet made that choice…how long will you wait?


About Dented-Knight

A knight with polished, shining, perfect armor is typically one with no battle experience. It is the knight in dented armor that knows what it costs to win.
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