Read Numbers 32
Focus on verse 2369d97265-3f75-4fe9-9010-88bf63a699af-355-0000004958ea3abd_tmp

You have perhaps heard it said that what goes around, comes around. In my experience I have observed this to be true more often than not. People who make it a pattern to intentionally take advantage of other people tend to eventually get the same treatment themselves. It may not always appear to be the case because there Continue reading

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Life is Short (unlike this post)

Read Numbers 31
Focus on verse 7-8A068C64A-BBAE-41D3-AFC5-F7A96385129B-2109-0000079BF8073E10

There are things in life that are uncertain, and there are things in life that we can count on…like death… and taxes. We live in an age and culture in which we have tried very hard to insulate ourselves from death, as if we may somehow live longer if we don’t acknowledge the certainty of it. This disconnect from reality causes all Continue reading

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Roles & Equality…

Read Numbers 30
Focus v. 159C1C4275-FA0D-42B2-96E4-5D8DA9885B76-1838-0000068F44055E7E

There is much confusion in western culture currently over issues of gender. We are being told that there are now over one hundred different gender classifications and around seventy different pronouns used to describe these genders. When I was growing up there were two genders…male and female, and about six pronouns…he, Continue reading

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One Big Party!

Read Numbers 29
Focus on verse 125D1BD159-782B-4712-80B9-5FA6D0F40F39-1614-0000050B10B1F3DB

Everybody likes a party right? Celebrations have their place when we have occasions to celebrate. Birthdays, graduations, promotions are all valid reasons to party, though I would note that not all partying results in wholesome activity.
In today’s reading the people are given instruction on how to celebrate in a manner Continue reading

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I Like Food!

Read Numbers 28
Focus v. IMG_1068

I’ll admit it – I am addicted to food. If I stop eating my body begins to go into withdrawal. I start to get pains in my stomach, and I suspect that if I stopped eating for long enough I might die! In addition to being addicted, I just plain enjoy eating… most of the time. There have been a few exceptions, like when I eat salad because its good for me, but for the most part – I pretty much like food – especially bacon. Continue reading

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Read Numbers 27
Focus v. 20


2nd LT Daniel Choi (Marines)

When a new leader is elected, or appointed, or selected…by whatever the means of appointment might be, there is typically some kind of commissioning. For instance here in America when a new president is elected, it is followed by a formal inauguration ceremony. The ritual may vary from place to place and culture to Continue reading

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It came to pass…

Read Numbers 26
Focus v. 64-65418DB634-7AEB-48CF-BA11-CD62560F840D-672-00000204095CB40E

A few weeks ago I came across yet another prediction someone had made public regarding the end of the world. Apparently the world was supposed to end a couple weeks ago, sometime in September. Since I am writing this in October, I suspect that if this prediction came to pass it wasn’t nearly as big a deal as it was initially Continue reading

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